The benefits of water-based exercise

By Jo Cordell Cooper*

WATER-based workouts are one of the best ways to return to exercise if you are nursing an injury, pregnant or mature-aged.

But they can also appeal to a strong, healthy and fit population that just loves water and wants a high-intensity workout without the impact.

There are so many reasons why adding a dose of water to your weekly workout will improve your health and fitness levels.

Here is a quick summary of all the benefits you may not have considered.


Low or no impact

Deep-water aqua and running have zero impact, so if you are injured or train hard over your sport season, water will give your joints the rest they need while the muscles remain strong and toned.

I have a number of clients who do very meaningful exercise workouts with me, despite the injuries they have.


Reduction of swelling

Hydrodynamic pressure pushes excess fluid from all around the body to the kidneys so it can be secreted later.

Have you ever noticed after swimming that you need to go to the toilet? This is hydrodynamic pressure working, and the deeper the water, the more the pressure.

The density of the water can also have an affect. Salt water and cold water, for example, are denser than fresh water and warm water.

So, if you are using water-based fitness to reduce swelling, try deep salt water.


Lower heart rate with the same outcome

Your heart rate is automatically lower in water, but you will get the same benefits as working out on land.

What actually happens in water is that you have a larger stroke volume – this is the amount of blood that pumps from your ventricles every time your heart beats.

This means that your heart beats more slowly and fully, which is very good for you.

An added benefit is that you actually feel like the exercise is easier, while getting great benefits – that’s what I call a ‘win-win’.


Lower body temperature

Your body temperature is lower in water, providing that you are not in a hydrotherapy pool.

This is particularly important if you are pregnant or have low blood pressure.


Multi-directional workout

Your workout is multi-directional, which means that you twist, reach, extend, roll, push and pull while working out in water.

These actions mimic the demands of life, so if you train like this you will be better prepared for life’s challenges.

I highly recommend exercising in water, whether this involves water walking, swimming, deep-water running or aqua aerobics.

And your exercise routine will thank you for the diversity.


*Jo Cordell Cooper owns twice award-winning business Active Solutions and Health Network, which specialises in women’s fitness at all ages and stages.

For more information, visit 0409 862 206, visit jocc.com.au or email activesolutionstas@gmail.com.

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