Waddling off to a new home among the vines

TWENTY-four ducks rescued by RSPCA Tasmania have found a new home at one of Tasmania’s most iconic vineyards – Frogmore Creek in Cambridge.

The ducks (of varying ages) will now enjoy their new lives among the 70 hectares of vines, together with a whole flock of new friends.

But they won’t just be lying out their years in leisure – they will also be put to work on important pest patrol duties.

Frogmore Creek already makes use of ducks as part of the winery’s suite of pest control measures, along with sheep to keep the grass down.

Ducks are well known for keeping potentially devastating pests like snails at bay.

They have been used in Italy, France, South Africa and other states of Australia for years as a natural addition to pesticides.

RSPCA Tasmania chief executive officer Peter West said the RSPCA was always looking to find the best outcomes for animals.

“We are all delighted to see the ducks getting to enjoy a new life among the vines,” he said.

“And to know the ducks will serve a useful purpose makes this rehoming all the more special.”

Fifth generation local farmer Danny Belbin is the vineyard manager at Frogmore Creek.

Mr Belbin said he fully embraced the use of ducks as a sustainable option to keeping the numbers of snails under control.

“Our team are always looking at ways to help make our wine making practices more sustainable and in keeping with community expectations,” he said.

“These ducks will not only provide a wonderful atmosphere around the dams and vines, they will also be an important part of the wine growing story.”

Caption: The ducks are released into their new home at Frogmore Creek in Cambridge.

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