Understanding the effects of poverty

By Ruben Greg-McQueen*

TWENTY-FOUR Clarence High Students participated in the Salvation Army schools tour in late March.

Our Humanitarian studies class was chosen for this because we were interested in understanding the causes and effects that poverty has on people.

This trip linked to our school values, as it is another example of respect and being respectful in tough situations. We also considered how we could be responsible and not enter the cycle of poverty.

The experience was an opportunity to meet with Sarah and her team to gain an understanding of what the Salvos do to help our community.

A few examples of what the Salvos do include providing meals and beds for the homeless, support in finding employment and offering various counseling services.

Through various activities, we learned about the costs of living and the challenges that many people face each day, giving us a better understanding of why people need to access these services.

A highlight of this tour was giving our time to help prepare 40 care packages for people in need. The care packages included everything from towels and food to sanitary products.

After a delicious morning tea provided by the Salvation Army, we travelled to the Domain where we had our eyes opened by the stories of the homeless.

We then learned about the endless cycle of poverty that people can find themselves trapped in.

Finally we went to The Bridge, which is a rehabilitation centre in North Hobart.

While there, we discovered just how difficult it is to break away from an addiction.

This entire trip was possible due to various fundraisers, including a high tea that was held in our honour.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day possible, as we all learned a lot and had a fantastic day.

*Ruben Greg-McQueen is a grade nine student at Clarence High School

Caption: Clarence High School’s humanitarian class participated in a Salvation Army Schools tour recently to better learn about the effects of poverty.

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