Thinner, lighter, faster – modern PC arrives at Harvey Norman

HARVEY Norman in Cambridge Park has become the first store in Tasmania to install the new Microsoft Modern PC display showroom to demonstrate to customers that not all computers are the same.

The display showcases the new range of Microsoft computers that provide users with a unique experience.

“The benefits of a modern PC is that it’s lightweight, compact, has a longer battery life, stylish, has touchscreen capability and is foldable so you can convert it into a tablet,” Harvey Norman Cambridge Park proprietor Michael Wright said.

“They also have solid-state drive (SSD) technology rather than traditional mechanical hard drives.”

This SSD technology allows the computers more flexibility by using less battery power and increases the responsiveness of the computer, giving a much better experience.

Mr Wright said the Modern PC was aimed at everybody and that its capacity to use anywhere benefited a whole range of audiences.

“It appeals to everyone from the student, who won’t need to rely on power supplies with longer battery life, and for the business person, who can use it when travelling long distances,” he said.

“It’s even ideal for people who just want entertainment, as it can run movies and streaming in high definition.

“The touchscreen also gives people the capability to use a stylus pen, so if you’re an artist, student, or just a person needing to write notes on the screen, you can do that – windows will then allow you to convert your handwritten note to proper word document text.”

Harvey Norman Cambridge Park opened in April 2008 and has become the largest store in the state.

“We have the biggest showroom of computers in Tasmania and that’s the reason we have the privilege of showcasing the Modern PC display unit from Microsoft,” Mr Wright said.

“The move towards Modern PC has been happening for the past two years – soon they’ll roll the display across our stores statewide.

“Some of the Modern PC models are exclusive to Harvey Norman.”

Since its establishment, Harvey Norman Cambridge Park has provided the community and its customers with a first-class experience.

“Our sales people are experts in what we do, with regular training on the latest technology and products we deliver up-to-date solutions and advice to our customers,” Mr Wright said.

“The added advantage we have is the back up of a full-time, in-house technician who is able to actively assist our sales professionals by offering full post and pre-sales service, from a full customised setup for a brand-new PC to data recovery off an old device.

“Our technician also receives training on the latest tools and techniques to offer the best service we can.

“So primarily we offer an overall solution, finance options, and most important, we look after the customer’s needs.

“The staff are very knowledgeable and will listen to all the customer’s needs – it’s really important that we offer the best customer service and customer satisfaction.”

Harvey Norman Cambridge Park is located in the Cambridge Park complex and is open seven days a week.

Online shopping and pick up are available.

Caption: Pictured left, team members at Harvey Norman Cambridge Park celebrate the first Microsoft Modern PC display in Tasmania. Pictured right, the new range of Microsoft computers provide customers with a unique experience.

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