The books that keep on giving

PRE-LOVED books are the gifts that just keep on giving for the Rotary Club of Howrah, which regularly use the proceeds from their sales to help fund its many community projects.

Rotary Club of Howrah president Richard Wyatt said the tradition of selling second-hand books could be traced back to a group of dedicated members who have been accumulating, sorting and selling them for many years.

“But, it was where to store the ever-increasing stockpile of books that became the real issue,” he said.

“The work involved in putting books on display and then back into storage was back-breaking work for many of our club members.”

A solution came in the form of an offer from Hobart identity George Spilopoulos, the owner of a vacant shop just “waiting for use” at the Howrah Road Shopping Centre.

“The available space at the vacant shop has enabled a considerable number of pre-loved books to be displayed, allowing interested customers to wander around and choose books carefully at their leisure,” Mr Wyatt said.

“All the books on display are in good condition through careful selection, with many literary gems to be found.

“Many of the customers become regular browsers looking for a literary treasure and develop good rapport with the bookshop volunteers.”

Most members of the Rotary Club of Howrah have worked in this pre-loved bookshop, which operates Thursdays and Fridays from 10am-4pm.

“Books come into the store and go out and, at times, more books go out than come in,” Mr Wyatt said.

“However, the sale of pre-loved books ensures a constant trickle of funds for the Rotary Club of Howrah projects.”

Caption: Rotary Club of Howrah member Ray Pickett helps a Devonport couple choose books at the club’s pre-loved bookshop.

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