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BLUE Rocket Productions has partnered with Blue Cow Theatre to co-produce a new online comedy drama series about an incompetent Tasmanian news show for locked down audiences.

The Tasmanian World News will be 10 episodes and focus on a down-to-earth Tasmanian news team that present news as being no-thrills and no-nonsense, but are incapable of differentiating between real or conspiracy.

“It’s world news, but twisted around and presented with a small-minded Tasmanian perspective,” The Tasmanian World News creator and executive producer David Gurney said.

“They present Tasmanian news as if it is of earth shattering and global importance, and the rest of the show is about the presenters bickering amongst themselves,” Mr Gurney said.

The show will target a broad audience, touching upon contemporary news events.

“The aim is to produce and film an episode each week so the news component in each episode is as current as possible,” Mr Gurney said.

“We’re hoping it really hits the spot with Tasmanians, but would also like to see it reach beyond that to a national and maybe even international audience.”

The cast is made up of Tasmanian talent led by well-known actor John X, who will be playing the role of lead news anchor Gary Heckenberg.

“It’s very Tasmanian-focused and it’s got a lot of Tasmanian place names and Tasmanian issues people can relate to,” John X, who is also co-producer, said.

“It’s locally produced with locals in it, and it’s a good laugh of us taking the mickey out of ourselves.”

The show was an idea that Mr Gurney and John X first developed 20-years-ago.

The co-production is a response by the two companies to the current nature of COVID-19, with neither company being able to produce their respective television programs and theatre productions.

“The Tasmanian Government understands the importance of the state’s cultural and creative industries, and is committed to assisting the sector through the difficult times faced as a result of COVID-19,” Minister for Arts Elise Archer said.

“As part of our Cultural and Creative Industries Stimulus Package, we are now delivering new funding of $1.5 million and bringing forward $2 million of previously announced funding to assist the individuals and organisations within Tasmania’s renowned cultural sector.

“I am delighted that Blue Cow and Blue Rocket are one of the successful recipients of our Arts and Screen Digital Production Fund, which has been specifically designed to support Tasmanian artists to work with screen professionals to make content for digital distribution and promotion.”

The Tasmanian World News will launch on 14 July.

Blue Rocket Productions is a television production company that has been producing children television shows, as well as drama and documentaries across the world for 21 years.

Blue Cow Theatre is a professional theatre company based in Hobart that aims to provide invigorating theatre.

Caption: From left, John X, Minister for Arts Elise Archer and Andrew Casey.

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