Taking a stand against bullying

HOWRAH Primary School students and staff have pushed back against bulling by banding together to participate in the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

To mark the occasion, the whole school donned their odd socks with pride, demonstrating the value of difference, inclusion and diversity.

The event was organised by senior teacher Emma Byrne and a committee of students in the school who help promote the school’s positive behaviour system.

Howrah Primary School teacher Purdie Reason said the school prided itself on setting high standards for behaviour that met the four school expectations – being respectful, being responsible, positive learning and being safe.

“In holding this event, our students were able to participate in an event that had meaningful connections to our school focus on being respectful and safe,” she said.

“Classroom discussions at all grade levels were held around the topic of bullying and students were able to gain a deeper understanding around the definition.

“The realisation that single incidents or conflicts between equals isn’t bullying has been ground breaking for students.”

Howrah Primary School student Tiana said she used to think it was bullying if someone said they didn’t want to play with her.

During the day, the school came together in the corridor to put together a display of self-portrait drawings of each of the students and staff members.

The day also saw buddy classes spend time together, where positive play experiences were encouraged.

Mrs Byre said she was pleased by the impact of the event and how it raised an important issue for discussion among students.

“The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence was a huge success,” she said.

“It was wonderful to see all our students and staff come together under one cause to highlight the significance of this day.

“The student committee that helped organise the day did a fantastic job and showed that they are further developing their leadership skills.”

Caption: A display of self-portraits by each of the students and staff on show in the school’s corridor.

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