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SHORELINE’S Banjo’s Bakery Café store manager and partner Jeremy Buckland has risen to the challenge and continued to bake his way through COVID-19 restrictions.

An Eastern Shore local, Mr Buckland has been a part of the Banjo’s team since 1997 when he started at the Rosny store while growing up in Rosny.

Following four years there, Mr Buckland became one of the original partners of the Lindisfarne store in 2001, setting up the franchise.

“I was there for five years before we sold the business and I had couple of years off,” Mr Buckland said.

“I went to Shoreline and have been working here for nine years now.”

Mr Buckland started at Shoreline Banjo’s helping bake bread before gradually progressing though the production manager and store manager roles before being offered a partnership in the business.

With a strong connection to the area and to the bakery, for Mr Buckland and his team the local community always comes first.

“I love the opportunity Banjo’s gives us to grow and develop the young staff through the years they are with us, and then the reward of losing them to either their passions or to further themselves externally or internally,” Mr Buckland said.

“We’re very customer and community focused, serving 100s of customers a day – we have a really tight local community here.

“We strongly support various community groups, local school groups and sporting clubs, such as Clarence Football Club seniors and juniors, Howrah Bowls Club, the Rosny Park Bowls Club and the Bellerive Yacht Club.”

With the COVID-19 restrictions in place, the store has adapted to the changed circumstances by setting up its own click and collect service, as well as seeing an increase in Uber Eats orders.

Mr Buckland said it was great to see the support from the community which has continued backing the Shoreline team through the purchase of products and by showing emotional care from a safe social distance.

“The staff have been fantastic with the changing of policy, and they’ve just kept their mind on the job and have been doing what needs to be done,” he said.

“We’re all in this together.

“Wherever you can, buy local, and don’t forget about the bigger chains because they’re still a local business with a local owner most of the time.

“We’ve been really strongly supported through this – the Eastern Shore is such a strong community.”

Caption: Shoreline’s Banjo’s Bakery Café store manager and partner Jeremy Buckland.

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