Students take the steps to a sustainable community

HOWRAH Primary School is on a mission to encourage small action steps towards a more sustainable community.

On 18 March, students from kindergarten to grade six participated in a ‘Clean Up Howrah Primary Day’, focusing on picking up rubbish around the school grounds, in Wentworth Park and local beach surrounds.

Howrah Primary School teacher Purdie Reason said students were “gobsmacked” after they found such a large amount of litter in their local environment.

“Particular hot spots were the sand dunes and bushy areas where litter had either been tossed or blown into,” she said.

“And one of the most common and alarming items found were plastic dog poo bags.

“Students also found shoes, bottles, and large amounts of plastic, the latter being of concern due to the fact that with strong winds or rain, the plastic will more than likely blow or wash into the local marine environment causing havoc for the plants and animals that live there.”

Grade five student Henry said he thought it was terrible that there was so much plastic.

His friend, Bailey, said he had found bird bones and wondered if the death of the bird was due to ingesting plastic.

Ms Reason said the clean-up day was a great introduction to larger plans to reduce waste created by the school.

“The school aims to make sustainability practical, fun and motivating for students, teachers and the whole school and wider community,” she said.

Caption: Students clean up Howrah Beach as part of Howrah Primary School’s mission to encourage sustainability.

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