Students have a slime of a time

HIGH energy, great excitement and plenty of noise poured out of science laboratories at the Guilford Young College (GYC) Hobart Campus when year five and six students from John Paul II Catholic School and Clarendon Vale Primary School joined forces to celebrate National Science Week.

Under the supervision of teachers, the students spent the day looking at the properties of a non-Newtonian fluid (slime), causing balloons to expand with gas produced from the reaction of an acid (vinegar) and a base (bicarbonate of soda).

They also crafted devices to blow bubbles and listened to their heartbeat with stethoscopes.

Meanwhile, in the biology laboratory next door, students examined the digestive tract, heard about marine touch tanks, witnessed the emulsification of oil and water and learnt about experimental design while observing the melting rate of ice under different conditions.

GYC also welcomed students from Sacred Heart Catholic School in Geeveston as part of National Science Week, which ran from Saturday 15 to Sunday 23 August.

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