Staying finance savvy with FIS

By Hank Jongen

Department of Human Services


WHETHER you’re looking to increase your savings, plan effectively for retirement or just better understand your financial affairs, the Department of Human Services Financial Information Service (FIS) is here to help you make informed decisions on your investment and financial needs.

While not financial planners, FIS officers can help break down complicated financial concepts for you in terms that are easy to understand.

They can also help with choosing a financial advisor. FIS Officers can explain the different roles of financial industry professionals, so you are well equipped on how to use expert information if you need extra support.

Our tips for those choosing an advisor include:

  • Ensure they offer client, not product focused advice.
  • Only deal with licenced advisors.
  • Ask friends and colleagues about their experiences.
  • Do your own research.

All advice given by FIS officers is free and confidential and aims to educate on a range of financial issues for current and future needs.

Free financial information seminars – known as FIS seminars – are held in a range of locations nationally and are open to all Australians.

You should attend a FIS seminar if you want to know more about saving and investing, nearing retirement and want to know how to prepare for it or are retired and want to understand your pension and the options you have.

There are upcoming FIS seminars on retirement matters such as understanding superannuation, preparing for the age pension and options for aged care.

You can even ask us to present a seminar or a series of seminars specifically targeted for a certain group.

Even those in the finance industry can benefit from FIS.

FIS officers have a handle on the broad financial environment, from superannuation and investment to aged care and pensions and offer the most up-to-date information for their clients.

To find out when and where upcoming FIS seminars are in your area or to make a request for a seminar on a certain topic, visit humanservices.gov.au and search for ‘Financial Information Service.’

From there, select the ‘Booking Seminars’ tab and proceed to your state or territory.

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