Stay safe this winter with RACT free vehicle check

A NUMBER of free winter vehicle safety checks undertaken by the RACT across the state recently has found that more than half of the vehicles checked had safety issues related to tyres, lights, batteries and wipers.

RACT community manager Will Oakley said of 230 voluntary vehicle checks, 28 were found to have tyre wear or inflation issues and 46 failed light tests.

“A further 20 vehicles were found to have windscreen wiper or washer issues and 35 vehicles failed the battery load test, had loose or dirty terminals or the battery was fitted incorrectly,” he said.

Mr Oakley said the results – given wintry weather conditions currently being experienced in Tasmania – were a timely reminder for motorists to diligently check the condition of their motor vehicle at this time of year.

“Poor tyre condition, insufficient tread depth and low pressure can be dangerous in wet or icy conditions,” he said.

“Low tread levels can result in aquaplaning during wet weather, resulting in total loss of control when travelling at speed.

“Tyre tread depth should be at least 1.5 millimetres across the full surface of the tyre.

“Any less and motorists are exposing themselves and other road users to unnecessary dangers when the roads are wet and to being booked for driving an unroadworthy vehicle.”

Mr Oakley said while windscreen wiper rubber and windscreen conditions were not “top-of-mind” for motorists, they were important safety factors.

“It is clearly dangerous not to be able to see where you are going when driving,” he said.

“Checking that your lights are operating properly, including the rear lights and brake lights, is also important.”

Mr Oakley urged motorists to have their vehicle serviced regularly.

“An inspection by a competent mechanic is the best way to be sure your car is in safe condition,” he said.

Caption: RACT roadside officer Grant Page.

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