Sporting fun brings communities together

EASTERN Shore residents Jennifer Pepperell and Tahire Kc were two of many community members who participated in a sporting activity day at Redbanks recently.

Hobart community member Faezeh Parkes organised a day in late September where people of all ages, races, cultures, genders and religious views could come together and connect through sport.

The day was held at Redbanks, an outdoor sporting activity centre located 30 minutes from Sorell on the Eastern Shore.

Participants were organised into two teams, affectionately named the ‘Senile Delinquents’ and the ‘Rambunctious Youths’.

They participated in activities such as axe-throwing, archery, clay shooting and sling shotting.

Ms Pepperell said it was a great opportunity to break outside of her normal everyday activity.

“I’m doing something that I wouldn’t otherwise do, something sporty and physical, with a really diverse group of people,” she said.

“It’s definitely out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I came.

“It feels like one of those joys in life you wouldn’t otherwise get if you’re just following your normal routine.”

Ms Kc said the opportunity was one she could not resist being a part of.

“I was so interested in the concept of having two completely different age groups coming together and doing these kinds of sporting activities,” she said.

“It has been such an exciting day because I’ve never done anything like this before.

“I find that usually we are all so stuck in our own families and friendship groups and in our working lives that we don’t think about these kinds of activities.

“It’s been so great to meet so many wonderful people of different cultures and ages and to have some fun doing physical activity.”

This event proved successful in Ms Parkes’ mission to unite different communities around Hobart through a fun, competitive activity and sporting day.

The activities on the day helped to break stigma around cliques of people and abilities to engage in sporting activities.

Both Ms Pepperell and Ms Kc said they hadn’t done – or thought of doing – many of these kinds of activities before.

The day assisted in helping them both realise their abilities when it came to activities such as axe throwing, sling-shot and archery.

Caption: Community members recently participated in a sporting events day held at Redbanks.

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