Southern region bus services are changing

FROM 20 January 2019, bus passengers in southern Tasmania will have noticed a series of improvements to their public transport network with all bus services in the southern region brought together under one network.

This will make travel simpler and paves the way for the introduction of a single integrated statewide transport network and a common ticketing system.

The focus has been on providing an improved public transport network to provide better access to employment, education and services, improving the overall social connectivity of Tasmanians within the budgetary constraints of the government.

One of the key outputs of the review is increasing services to major towns outside of Hobart.

The key benefit for Richmond residents is more Saturday services and the introduction of Sunday services.

Services during the weekdays have been modified due in part to East Coast services no longer running though Richmond.

Richmond passengers now have a faster and more direct route to Hobart with services no longer travelling via Cambridge Park.

Cambridge Park will instead be serviced by Sorell services, and the number of services to the retail and employment hub have increased in frequency to 17 weekday services and the provision of 10 services on Saturday and Sunday, which will benefit both workers and shoppers.

The route through Richmond has changed, with services now travelling via St Johns Circuit to improve passenger and traffic safety.

In Hobart, Richmond services now drop off and pick up passengers at Elizabeth Street (Town Hall) rather than the Brisbane Street bus stop to place passengers nearer to the other services and to reduce running time.

Students travelling onto Hobart-based schools will need to transfer onto another bus in the Hobart CBD.

The growing area of Cambridge will benefit with a major increase of services.

Residents are now able to catch Campania/Richmond, Sorell and Seven Mile Beach services.

All these services will pick up and drop off passengers centrally within the Hobart CBD.

The South Arm Peninsula will see a slight reduction in weekday services to enable the provision of increased Saturday services and new Sunday services.

There will also be student only services to the South Arm Peninsula.

Two distinct routes now service the South Arm area.

Route X44 travels from Opossum Bay via Rifle Range Road to Hobart, with the morning service traveling via Rosny and the afternoon service travelling express between Hobart and South Arm Peninsula.

Route 646 travels via Clifton Beach and Cremorne, Rosny and Hobart via Clarence Street.

Some passengers will need to transfer at Rosny on weekends and weekdays between 9am and 3pm.

There have also been changes to Seven Mile Beach.

Generally, services will now depart every 30 minutes during peak times and every two hours for the rest of the day.

For a more detailed list of service changes, visit www.transport.tas.gov.au.

New timetables and route maps are now available online.

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