Revolutionising the piano method

WITH nearly a decade of experience teaching piano using the Simply Music Program, Katie Dean, pictured, has built up a sound knowledge of the teaching methods and pathway to success that it offers.

Ms Dean started playing the piano when she was 10 years old and has loved playing music ever since.

Holding a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Tasmania, she has worked in various schools around southern Tasmania teaching general curriculum and classroom music.

Ms Dean said Simply Music was the largest playing-based music education institution in the world.

“It presents a piano learning method that looks at music in a totally new light and pioneers a new direction in music education,” she said.

“Its revolutionary approach profoundly differs from the more common, traditional ‘reading-based’ methods.”

Created by Neil Moore, Simply Music Piano first translates entire pieces into simple shapes and patterns that students can clearly see and easily play on the keyboard.

“Students quickly build an extensive repertoire of various musical styles before learning to read notes,” Ms Dean said.

Simply Music has a network of educators at around 600 locations across the globe.

Ms Dean offers group piano lessons in a fun and friendly environment with an emphasis on making the learning journey rewarding for all students.

With her studio located in Lenah Valley, she welcomes all ages from children to seniors.

For more information, visit www.simplymusic.com or www.katiedeanpianostudio.com.

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