Outback travels inspires local’s latest poetry book

LINDISFARNE resident Roseanne Way has published a poetry book detailing her travels with her husband across the Australian outback.

Ms Way, who has lived on the Eastern Shore her whole life, has spent three months out of every year for the past 27 years travelling the Australian outback with her husband.

“I don’t think you could name one place I haven’t been,” she said.

After owning and operating a successful takeaway business on the Hobart waterfront their whole lives, Ms Way and her husband retired early to begin their travels.

“We wanted to see the outback and to see all the things which weren’t readily accessible,” she said.

“We saw places that unfortunately many of the younger generations will never get to see.”

Each year, Ms Way and her husband would travel in their small campervan, navigating outback four-wheel-drive tracks.

She appreciated the simplicity of the outback, and she and her husband have always been drawn to nature and authenticity, as opposed to cities, shopping and bright lights.

Despite never writing before, her travels inspired Ms Way to write poetry, which she hastily scribbled wherever she could.

“Words come easily to me, I can look at a tree, and just be amazed by its beauty – and the words just come straight out,” she said.

“I never sit down to write a poem, ever.

“They come through in my mind and I just have to get it down, wherever, whenever and however I can.

“I’ve been guilty of writing them on the back of a pie bag.

“The whole writing process just has to be completely spontaneous.”

Ms Way’s travels have amounted to boxes full of scrap pieces of paper with poems scribbled all over them.

It was her daughter’s push which gave Ms Way the motivation to pull out some of her favourite poems and have them published.

Ms Way said she was not at all a selfish person and was hesitant at first to share her poetry.

“I hate to brag, I hate to put myself out there, but friends and family have told me it’s not fair not to share my poems,” she said.

“I don’t consider my poetry as a talent, it’s simply just a part of who I am.”

Ms Way also writes poetry about the Eastern Shore.

“The calm and peacefulness of the Eastern Shore is inspiring to me,” she said.

“When I go on my walks around home, I’ll see something beautiful and words will come flooding out, and I think, ‘damn, I need a pencil’.”

Recently, Ms Way performed some of her poems at the Catholic Women’s League State Conference in Cambridge in August.

She recited one of her most appreciated poems, Country Dunny.

At the conference, Ms Way was the winner of the Marie Dunn Craft Award.

“It was usually awarded for some sort of hand craft, so as I was sitting at the dinner and they said my name, I was shocked, it was quite a surprise,” she said.

“I just hope that when people read my poems they can see the beauty I have seen, and that they can have a laugh from the campfire-style poems.”

Ms Way’s poetry book is being sold at the Lindisfarne Post Office, the Warrane newsagent and Mountain Creek Outdoors in Hobart for $10.

Caption: Lindisfarne resident Roseanne Way has recently published a poetry book, titled ‘My Outback Road’.

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