New year, new opportunities for learning

STUDENTS at Corpus Christi Catholic School have settled into the school year with some exciting initiatives, all designed to enhance learning opportunities.

Students in prep and grades one to four each have an extra co-teacher three days a week in their classrooms, while grade five and six students have an additional co-teacher four days a week.

On top of normal class teaching arrangements, the extra teacher support has ensured further learning support within every classroom, maximizing teacher time with each student.

Corpus Christi Catholic School principal Clynton Scharvi said this support was in light of research and data that one of the greatest impacts on student learning was teacher quality.

“The co-teacher model ensures classes have an additional teacher three days a week across each grade, providing further enrichment, enhancement and intervention with learning opportunities,” he said.

Furniture in classrooms have also been improved with agile furnishings provided for greater mobility and flexibility.

“Agile furniture allows the room to be shaped to suit the pedagogy of each learning experience, not the pedagogy to be determined by the traditional fixed furnishings in the classroom,” Mr Scharvi said.

Student seating and desk options include cookie pads, kneel tables, standing desks, stools and desks, standard ergonomic chairs and wobble stools and whiteboard tables.

There are also no traditional teacher desks in classrooms and have instead been replaced with teacher pods.

Teachers are the roaming ambassadors around the classroom, not based in one space.

Mr Scharvi said the digital technologies continued to be ably supported with the introduction of Chrome Books into grade five and six.

“While technology is only a tool for learning, just as pen and paper are, it does provide greater connectivity and opportunities to share student understanding through different means,” he said.

“All ICT devices are school owned and managed, and one-to-one access with iPads is provided to students in grades two, three and four, and one-to-one with Chrome Books to students in grades five and six.

“Students in prep and grade one have access to iPads with a ratio of one device every two students.

“This is based on research that highlights the relationship for learning in the early years not requiring independent access to ICT.”

All students also have shared access to laptops and other digital technologies, such as a 3D printer.

Further new learning opportunities for students at Corpus Christi this year include the introduction of Mandarin as the LOTE (Language Other Than English) for students from prep to grade six.

Performing Arts has been enhanced by the broadening of Dance and Drama, alongside Music.

The Visual Arts are also being enhanced with the Artist in Residence Program providing students an intense focus in the Visual Arts with an artist.

This is on top of the normal arts curriculum within the classroom.

The School Camp Program has also seen the introduction of an overnight camp in both grades three and four, complimenting the existing grade five camp and grade six Canberra trip.

Caption: Corpus Christi Catholic School grade six students and their teacher Patrick Midson completing work on Chrome Books while using their new agile furniture.

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