‘Maiden in Distress’ brings themelodrama to the Sorell stage

AWARD-winning local theatre company Sorell on Stage will present a hilarious and over-the-top melodrama next month for four shows only.

The cast – which features David Hamley, Emily Hamley, Stephen Pears and more – is heavily into rehearsals for ‘Maiden in Distress’, which represents Sorell on Stage’s first foray into a different genre of theatre, the comical melodrama: a farcical, funny show full of larger-than-life characters, fourth wall-breaking asides to the audience, theatrical gestures and rollicking music.

Set in the early 20th Century, ‘Maiden in Distress’ follows an innocent young maiden who must escape the clutches of her cruel guardian in order to marry her true love.With nowhere to hide, the maiden finds her way into a small hotel where she befriends the maid, who agrees to assist her.But our evil villain and his comic sidekick are hot on her trail. Will she be captured again? Or will true love prevail?

All will be revealed when Sorell on Stage presents ‘Maiden in Distress’ at the Sorell Memorial Hall from 7pm on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 May; and from 2pm and 7pm on Saturday the 13th.

Bring some nibbles and make up a table of friends. Tickets are $25, available from sorellonstage.net/tickets or at the door.

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