MacKillop VET program a recipe for success

FOR many schools, the most challenging subjects to keep on the boil throughout the recent learning at home period have been the practical ones, such as those offered in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) program.

Finer points of technique such as preparing a gourmet entrée in Hospitality or joining timber at the perfect 90-degree angle in Construction have been impractical to assess.

However, the passionate and committed VET students and teachers at MacKillop Catholic College rose to the challenge, finding creative ways to develop skills at home during this difficult time.

Year 10 Hospitality student Jing Versteegen went on a baking spree while learning from home and combined her dual passions of cooking and community service.

“Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we have been unable to do so many things we had been excited about, such as our Immersion to Timor-Leste and other outreach work,” Jing said.

“So, I combined my cooking skills with my outreach, whipping up some culinary packs.”

Itching to get back to the college commercial kitchens, VET coordinator and teach Sue Howard began filming ‘How To’ cooking tutorials for her Hospitality students stuck at home.

She enlisted HPE teach Jamie Di-Ienno to be her sidekick on the first tutorial, which was such a hit that Mrs Howard started filming more videos.

“An entertaining video can be so engaging for students,” Mrs Howard said.

“You’re conveying information in their language, using their preferred medium, and by using close-ups they can really get a handle on the techniques involved when scoring food for example.

“We shot a behind-the-scenes video last week showing how we incorporate the food we grow in the College Garden into the meals we prepare in our class.”

MacKillop Catholic College is part of the Southern Tasmanian Catholic Colleges Trade Training Centre led by Guilford Young College.

Students who complete all relevant units in their VET course can finish year 10 with Certificate I, keeping them focused on real world careers while mastering valuable life skills.

“Just this year I have already learnt so many techniques and methods I will use forever,” year 10 Hospitality student Cooper Wellard said.

“Completing your Certificate I can be a massive kickstart to your future.

“It is challenging at times, but with the effort you put in, you will always receive back, whether that’s eating what you cook or that feeling of success when you have completed a task.

“You may think you know all about cooking, preparing and serving, but it is so much more than just making something look pretty on a plate.”

MacKillop is accepting enrolments for year seven for 2022.

Applications are due by Friday 11 September.

For more information about MacKillop’s learning programs or to book a tour of the Mornington campus, visit Mackillop.tas.edu.au.

Caption: From left, year 10 Hospitality students Cooper Wellard and Jing Versteegen.

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