Location and street appeal

By Paul Reed

PRD Nationwide Hobart


LAST month we talked all about motivation when wanting to sell and this month, we will touch on steps two and three – location and maximising street appeal.

Step two – location

Take the following into consideration:

Where is your property priced in relation to other properties in your location (always allow for the uniqueness of each property)?

What type of neighbourhood is your property located in – well established, up and coming?

Things to promote:

Public transport, main roads, shopping centres, schools and educational centres, medical centres or hospitals, parks, public pools, playgrounds and entertainment venues.

When you decide to sell your home, there are several decisions you’ll need to make and many things to be done.

Selling your home can often be a stressful and complicated process, however I would like to un-complicate it and make it less stressful.

Take a deep breath, there is plenty of help available that has been tried and tested that you can use to boost your chances of success.

Step three – maximising street appeal

Listed below are a number of inexpensive ways that you can maximise your home’s street appeal.

For that lick of paint, go for neutral tones and the most popular choice of paint to ensure the widest appeal.

Note that no DIY work is better than bad quality DIY work.

Landscaping – this is what people see first. If it’s neat and tidy, then the assumption will be that the inside will be well maintained also.

Remember that from the moment your property is on the market, people will be driving by to assess it. The house needs to look great from the outside, as we want them to come in, not keep driving past.

Get rid of dead trees, branches, weeds and any vines that are invasive. Also keep any garden equipment, children toys and any unused, mixed matched or broken outdoor furniture out of sight.

Wash dirt, mould and grime off outside walls, roof, garage doors, faded walkways and driveways. The good old pressure washer is the best and can be hired if you don’t have one.

It is essential to de-clutter each room in your home. This not only makes your home look clean and tidy, but also makes the rooms appear bigger.


Suburb Market Update

This month we focus on the suburbs of Dodges Ferry, Richmond and Primrose Sands.

For a 12-month rolling average to May, the median house price is $287,000 for Dodges Ferry, $412,500 for Richmond and $195,000 for Primrose Sands.

Price data is courtesy of core logic rpdata professional.

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