Lifestyle program to roll out across Eastern Shore

A FREE program aimed at helping people to live well and make new friends will be returning to the Eastern Shore in March 2016.

Now in its third year, the “Live Well, Live Long” program is designed to educate participants on ways to keep active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The program is an initiative of the Clarence City Council, Clarence Integrated Care Centre and the Tasmanian Health Organisation.

It includes 12-weekly sessions delivered by health care specialists who present information on diet and nutrition, mental health, caring for eyesight, relaxation techniques and community resources.

A free healthy lunch is also provided each week, giving participants the chance to meet new people in a friendly and relaxed environment.

A recent participant of the program, Brian Parker said Live Well, Live Long was “a must” for senior citizens.

“It was a great opportunity for seniors [and] pensioners to be able to see and experience what we can do to live well and live long, as well as how the government and other organisations can help,” he said.

“Information on health was valuable, particularly diet, exercise and mental health.”

Maureen Newman, who has also participated in the program, said: “I have learnt so very much from these guest speakers who are all experts in their field and have thoroughly enjoyed the Live Well, Live Long program.”

The 2016 will run at the Clarence Integrated Care Centre in three blocks – from 1 March to 31 May, 7 June to 30 August and 6 September to 22 November.

For more information and to register, contact Anne Morrison at the Clarence Integrated Care Centre on telephone 6282 0350.

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