Life continues at Roches Beach Living

Editorial provided by the Roches Beach Living Residents Committee


DURING the Coronavirus pandemic when Australians are asked to stay at home, and any social contact with family and friends is minimal, we are thankful for our situation here at Roches Beach Living (RBL) retirement village in Lauderdale.

Lauderdale is located on beautiful Frederick Henry Bay, with a view looking over Ralphs Bay towards Mount Wellington.

The beach is a popular destination for walks, where, from a distance in these COVID-19 days, you can see people of all ages as well as dogs – if you think you need to be ‘topped up’ with the feeling that you are actually still part of society.

Residents are trying hard to keep up their fitness, with a variety of shops and services within walking distance of the village having remained open.

RBL residents are well known at Harmony Nursery and receive great service when they go.

Most grocery items are available at Trendy Cut Meats and Hill Street, which can also be delivered or bought with ‘click and collect’ where people can order online and the groceries are brought to the car.

There is also a chemist, which delivers to the village, a post office, bakeries and hairdressers, and coffee and takeaways are available.

We are thankful that care and support workers are still able to come to the village for residents with ‘care packages’.

The Residents Committee has been working with the residents to help preserve our friendly community by maintaining social interests and looking out for each other with newsletters and by using technology.

The Committee has set up recurring Zoom meetings, enabling some residents to catch up with each other online.

This has allowed residents to celebrate birthdays, share craft ideas and recipes, and invite guests from elsewhere to join in and show what they have been doing.

The Committee is also helping the maintenance staff with mail deliveries now that our community centre is closed to us.

Residents have been able to get out and about in the village and easily keep the necessary distance apart.

Dogs and cats have also made good companions for some of us.

With the Autumn trees around RBL showing their splendour, the village has been bringing happiness to everyone, which is important to us all.

People have been working hard in their gardens around their units.

Clever gardeners who have raised garden beds in the community garden, ‘The Cabbage Patch’, are looking forward to bountiful crops.

They have planted extra vegetables in spare garden beds to share with our RBL community.

Caption: Roches Beach Living community garden, ‘The Cabbage Patch’.

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