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FOR as long as he can remember, Graeme Todd has always had a special connection with animals.

“I’ve always enjoyed animals and I am constantly amazed by how smart they are,” he said.

“When I meet dogs for the first time their owners are continuously asking me if I have food in my pockets – my friends and family have even taken to calling me the ‘Pet Whisperer’.

“So, when my sister-in-law suggested that I start my own pet care service, I thought it was a fantastic idea.”

Operating for just more than a month and focused on the Eastern Shore, Toddy’s Pet Care offers a range of pet-sitting services including feeding, walking, playtime and pet transport.

Mr Todd said he made sure to sit down with his clients beforehand in order to ensure they had a solid understanding of what services he would be provide.

“I spend around 20-minutes with the owners, working through the paperwork and discussing what they’d like me to do while they are away,” he said.

“This discussion includes going over the customer information sheet and how many times I’ll visit the animal, along with security systems, pet name, type, age and special needs.

“I also advise the client on whether I’ll need to provide food, pet service agreements and a veterinarian release which gives me the permission to take the animal to the vet if required.

“This gives me the chance to meet the animals and familiarise myself with them so that they’ll be far more comfortable when their owners leave.”

Offering a flexible schedule seven-days-week from 7am to 7pm, Mr Todd said at-home pet care was far more beneficial to an animal than boarding kennels.

“When an animal is put into a kennel, they not only have to deal with their owners leaving but having their whole world change,” he said.

“If a dog is, at least, in its own environment then it takes a lot of the stress away and allows me to develop a better relationship with them.”

Mr Todd said his feedback referral system was a unique aspect that set his business apart from competitors.

“At the end of the contract I make time for a feedback session and then, with the client’s permission, I use this feedback as a type of referral for my next customer,” he said.

“Therefore, future clients can be assured they will receive a quality service and that their beloved pets will be well looked after.”

For more information or pricing, phone Graeme Todd on 0419 136 337 or visit www.toddyspetcare.com.au.

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