Kindergarten students connect with the world

HOWRAH Primary School kindergarten students have been experiencing the great outdoors as part of a new inquiry-based learning approach.

Last term, the children explored the theme ‘How am I connected to my world?’ by learning about their school, the local community and the environment.

This involved walking around the school grounds and observing the natural environment and meeting members of staff.

The children also explored the local community with excursions to Howrah Beach, Wentworth Park, Shoreline Shopping Centre and Woolworths.

Lucy Ahmed Zeki, aged five, said they chose to go to the bike park on excursion because it was a healthy activity.

“We chose to go there because we talked about it and everyone thought it would be a good idea,” she said.

“We all rode our bikes and our scooters, and we got to play on the equipment.”

Hayley Squibb, aged four, said her trip to the supermarket was her favourite part.

“We went to Shoreline to buy the vegetables and chicken stock to make a vegetable soup,” she said.

“We had to find all the things in the soup and it was my job to find the brussel sprouts.”

Teacher Jocelyn Fraser said since she began using an inquiry-based approach to her teaching, many positive changes had taken place.

“It allows me to listen and respond to student interests and guide our learning program in a direction that engages them,” she said.

“My students are more motivated and excited in the classroom as I am able to address individual needs and interests by providing a range of different learning experiences that all focus on exploring the same questions.”

Inquiry-based learning allows students to be active participants in their learning and hands-on experiences are provided for students to make meaningful connections.

Skills such as collaboration, communication and research are a major focus of the approach.

Caption: Ben Heron, pictured left, Quinn Glover, pictured right, and a group of Howrah Primary School students enjoy the outdoors as part of the school’s new learning approach.

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