Keeping your New Year’s resolutions

By Sharyn Hill*

WE all have an idea of what we want to achieve in 2016 – some of us write them down, some of us just think about them and some of us call them “New Year’s resolutions”.

We turn these thoughts into actions and off we go: “I want to lose weight”, “I want to buy a house” or “I want a new job”.

When we first set goals, we are often very motivated and we set out on a path to achievement. It’s exciting to have something to aim for and to begin a new project.

Then something happens and we get disheartened and we stop. That is true for many of us, anyway.

We find that after a few weeks the shine wears off and we think: “what does it matter if I have just one cupcake while watching Netflix?”; “what does it matter if I miss my walk today, there’s always tomorrow?”, “it doesn’t matter if I don’t finish that job application, there will be another job come up soon”.

Soon enough, we find “reasons” to go back to the way we used to do it – the place where we feel comfortable.

We have all experienced it and we have all heard the voice in our head, but what if there was a way? What if you could stay on course and lose that weight, buy that house or get that new job?

There is a way and it’s all about how you think.

Right from our childhood, we develop ideas and beliefs about how we should live our lives and we develop patterns to support them.

These beliefs become unconscious and are the filters we have for making decisions.

For most people, it’s not enough to get off the couch and start walking or actively start looking and registering for jobs.

We need more. We need a reason, we need a “why” this is important and “what” will it mean in my life?

You can achieve your goals if you have a clear understanding of what you really want and have a focused thinking strategy to support you to get there.

For more information, visit sharynhill.com.au, phone 0409 855 880 or email coach@sharynhill.com.au.

*Sharyn Hill is a success coach offering information and coaching sessions at the Bellerive Quay Health Hub.

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