Junior ambassador leads the way

ROSE Bay High School year seven student Kitean Aitken is encouraging the local community to nominate inspiring young students for the Fred Hollows Foundation Humanity Award.

The Humanity Award recognises year six students who follow in Fred Hollow’s footsteps by showing compassion, integrity and kindness in their everyday lives.

Kitean has been the Fred Hollows Foundation Tasmania Junior Ambassador since October last year and was chosen from 33 Tasmanian recipients of the Fred Hollows Humanity Award.

His charitable efforts started during his grade six year at Dominic College, when his principal was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I wanted to do something to help not only her, but everybody else going through the same thing she is,” Kitean said.

Kitean contacted the McGrath Foundation to initiate and organise a Pink Stumps Day in association with the grand finale of his cricket team Lindisfarne Blues.

The cricket final was a smash success and the community came out to support the McGrath Foundation.

“I put down a goal to raise around $500 and I ended up raising more than $1,700, which was even better,” Kitean said.

Kitean’s efforts with Pink Stumps Day got him nominated for the Fred Hollows Humanity Award by his Dominic College principal.

Out of the 33 Tasmanian nominees for the award, Kitean won the role of Tasmanian Junior Ambassador.

“I felt very honoured and excited to be the winner last year, and I feel good about how I was able to help during the past year,” he said.

Kitean’s charitable efforts won him not only an ambassadorship but a $5000 grant from Specsavers to be donated to a location of his choice.

Kitean sent his grant to Lions Outback Vision, where the financial support went a long way with people suffering eye problems.

“With the $5000 I sent to Outback, I was able to see the set-up of 38 eye clinics, 16 days of eye surgery and 200 cataract surgeries,” Kitean said.

Kitean will be supporting this year’s nominees at the official celebrations where he will give a speech about the work he has done in his time as junior ambassador.

Kitean will hand over his ambassadorship to the 2018 winner, but that will not stop him from making more efforts with other charities in the future.

“Fred Hollows was an inspiring person, he always wanted everybody to help each other out, and I think we can all learn from him,” Kitean said.

For more information about the Fred Hollows Foundation or to nominate, visit www.hollows.org/fredhollowshumanityaward.

Caption: Rose Bay High School year seven student and Tasmanian Junior Ambassador for the Fred Hollows Foundation Kitean Aitken.

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