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YOUR Health Hub specialises in weight management and medically led weight loss programs.

Our team understands that weight management is a complex process involving a range of individual factors, and for many people, simple exercise and nutrition is not enough.

We know the impact that weight problems can have on an individual’s health, confidence, relationships and general enjoyment of life – and the great benefits that even small weight losses can bring.

We are different from other weight loss programs

The majority of available weight loss programs address just a single aspect of the individuals weight loss problem, but we consider your overall mental, physical and emotional health to get to the root cause of your weight loss problem before proposing a solution specific to your needs.

Designed to address all the factors that can result in excessive weight, supported by regular one-on-one contact with our dedicated Health Team, the differences in our program results in immediate and often dramatic weight loss, achieved in a totally safe and healthy way.

The facilities at Your Health Hub have been purpose built and equipped to accommodate the needs of overweight clients. This is particularly important when it comes to exercise equipment and we have the capacity to safely accommodate clients of all weights without the risk of embarrassment.

The exercise component of our programs is also individually designed in a respectful manner, to suit individual goals and requirements.


We can get you started in three easy steps:

Step 1 – You will meet one dedicated professional who can assess and advise your health needs.

Step 2 – A clear plan and direction for your health is created especially for you all in one place.

Step 3 – You can now move forward on a set path to achieve your goal of total wellness and weight loss under our guidance.


We offer a 12-week medically led weight loss program which includes comprehensive health assessment, meal planning, support and an optional upgrade to membership to our exclusive in-house Health and Fitness programs and classes. Our prices are very competitive and weekly payment options are available.

We work closely alongside Steven Wilkinson (General and Bariatric Surgeon) and his team at the Tasmanian Anti-Obesity Surgery Centre and your general practitioner with our 12-week Post Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Support Program and the exciting new Orbera Intragastric Balloon Weight Loss Program (a non surgical intervention that is suitable for individuals who may not yet be in the morbidly obese range, but need to lose 15-25kg in order to kick start their weight loss program).

Financing options are available upon application for these programs to ensure that your requirements are adequately met and that you receive the education and support that you need.

We really can help you achieve sustainable weight loss and make the changes needed to reclaim the life you deserve.

Call us on 6122 0150 or contact reception@yourhealthhub.com.au to book in for your bulk billed initial medical health assessment with our nurse practitioner and we will assist you to start working towards the new you today!

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