Headlights a high priority all year round

IT may be getting lighter as spring kicks in, but RACT is urging motorists to ensure their vehicle’s lights are in working order all year round.

About 40 per cent of vehicles checked across Tasmania as part of this year’s Winter Safety Checks were found to have at least one defective light.

This included headlights, brake lights and tail lights.

RACT general manager mobility services Darren Moody said that despite Tasmania’s winter coming to an end, vehicle lights should be regularly maintained all year.

“Faulty head, brake and tail lights can inhibit your ability to see the road and other motorists’ ability to see you at night or in wet conditions, which could have disastrous consequences,” he said.

“It will continue to remain dark in the early evenings and mornings until daylight savings begins in October.

“This means vehicle lights need to be functioning properly for night driving.

“Tasmania’s weather is also quite unpredictable all year round, meaning it’s also important your lights are working when driving in the rain.”

Mr Moody said RACT urged drivers to regularly check their vehicle lights and see a vehicle expert to replace globes.

Additionally, RACT also encourages motorists to drive with headlights on low beam during daylight hours to increase visibility.

Drivers must also never use high beam lights when less than 200m behind a vehicle, when 200m away from an oncoming vehicle, or in built-up areas.

These reminders come in the middle of the RACT’s ‘Golden Rules of Road Safety’ campaign, aimed at reducing road deaths and serious injuries on the road.

The campaign involves students from three primary schools in the south, north and north-west discussing each of the 12 rules in a series of videos.

These videos are being posted on RACT’s social media channels each week, with the students setting challenges for Tasmanians to abide by on the road.

The 12 Golden Rules were created by the Federation Internationale del’Automobile (FIA), the representative body for auto clubs across the globe, to address the 3,500 lives lost on the world’s roads each year.

In Tasmania, approximately 300 people are either seriously injured or killed on the state’s roads each year.

The campaign will run until 30 September.

Follow the campaign on RACT’s social media channels @RACTOfficial and website at www.ract.com.au/community/advocating-change/golden-rules.

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