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By Oceana Aquatic & Fitness


THE fitness Industry has changed a lot over the years and while some fads have come and gone, one thing remains the same – people come to us to improve their health, fitness, strength and usually to lose some weight.

But sadly, many people do not get the results they are seeking for a variety of reasons.

The single biggest one is thinking that all they need is access to equipment and they will all of a sudden become a regular exerciser.

Having 24-hour access might seem convenient (we have 24-hour access too) but unless you get quality coaching, motivation and follow up to make sure you are doing things correctly, you will most likely just waste your money.

It’s worth noting that virtually every athlete and team in the world has a coach, so why do so many people think that they can do it on their own?

To be honest, at Oceana we were originally just a full equipment gym.

This was up until we changed our model six-years-ago.

Our focus is now on coaching our members in either small group personal training sessions of four people or in our group fitness classes of more than 10.

The motivation provided by working out with other likeminded people, along with the coaching and support provided by our personal trainers, is what we are all about.

So if you have been or are a member of a gym and you are not getting results – or not enjoying what you are doing – then you might want to come and try out Oceana by doing our 14-day trial.

This will allow you to try our group fitness classes, which include functional team training, boxing, spin cycle, Pilates and combo classes with both 30 and 55-minute options.

We also offer aquatic-based group fitness classes.

Our team training classes are our most popular format as they get you fit, strong and help to burn more calories in less time than old style gym workouts.

They are fun, motivating and you will get more done in 55-minutes in a group compared to two-hours working out on your own.

But the best news is that they are fun, you may make new gym buddies and with our scientifically-based training and coaching tools, you will get results that you thought you could never achieve.

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