Fun in another dimension

By Connor Johnson and Kayla Clow*

HOWRAH Primary School recently purchased a 3D printer to give students the opportunity to gain an understanding of the future potential of this exciting technology that can be used across science, medicine and manufacturing.

Led by senior teacher Tania Sierink, eight grade six students were chosen to participate in the exploration of 3D printing through a Department of Education online program which focused on website design programs including “Cookie Caster” and “Tinkercad”.

The students were introduced to the printer and learned about how it worked by designing and producing a simple cookie cutter.

After designing their cookie cutter a 3D image was created, downloaded and then produced on a 3D printer.

The printer works by laying down sheets of ABS plastic to build up a printed three-dimensional model.

After completing their project, the grade six leaders each worked with a grade four student to teach and support them in creating their own cookie cutter.

The reward for all their hard work was to cut out and bake their own chocolate shortbread cookies using their own creation.

The grade six leaders are now working with aspiring grade five students who will become future school leaders in digital learning.

The grade six student participants said they had gained “a lot” from the experience.

“3D printing is a really enjoyable way of using ICT skills and having fun at the same time,” Fletcher Rose, grade six, said.

“It was so interesting to see our creations on the computer and then in real life,” Deacon Tchappat, grade four, said.

*Connor and Kayla are grade six students at Howrah Primary School.

Caption: Students at Howrah Primary School are exploring new methods of creativity and innovation with 3D printing.

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