Full “STEM” ahead at Howrah Primary School

By Howrah Primary School

A NEW program launched at Howrah Primary School in set to promote involvement with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) among its students.

Created by Howrah Primary School advanced skills teacher Shelley Millhouse and Tania Sierink, ‘The Innovators Program’ will see students complete STEM projects and submit a design either individually or in small teams.

The students will then use facilities in the school including the 3D printer, iPads, computers and Edison robots to bring their designs to life.

The STEM initiative will be open to all students, as well as offered to those that have been identified as “gifted and talented.”

Howrah Primary School teacher Purdie Reason said the school catered for “gifted and talented” students of all ages across the school through a range of programs coordinated by Mrs Millhouse.

“Individual student needs and strengths are considered and opportunities are created to further develop and extend student thinking and learning,” she said.

In term two a computer-coding program for students in prep to grade two will commence, which will see students use the program ‘Scratch’ to make animated creatures dance, sing, flash and jump around using different backgrounds and animation devices.

A current program for students in grades four and five sees students work on a maths mystery in small groups, solving puzzles to unlock clues to reveal fictional criminals.

Their learning has included content about angles, Morse Code, prime numbers and famous land marks.

“We are learning to use maths in different ways to help find clues to solve the mystery,” Oenone Schofield, one of the participating students, said

“We are learning about angles, how to measure angles and solving codes.”

Liana Albrecht, grade two, and Grace Genford, grade one, are two students who will be participating in another term two program, which will use Scratch to develop computer-coding skills.

Ms Reason said Howrah Primary was constantly looking for opportunities and programs to extend students’ learning, both within and outside the classroom.

If you are able to assist or support the school in this endeavour, please contact the school on 6246 6333.

Caption: Howrah Primary School students, front row from left, Oenone Schofield, Avalon Forbes, Brady Irwin, Harvey Hurd, Ryan Matthews, back row from left, Lily Kay, Ellen Westgate, Henry Fraser and Karl Sutton.

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