Fuel pricing app to benefit Tasmanian motorists

The RACT and GasBuddy have officially launched an app in Tasmania that provides real time fuel prices via a mobile device.

RACT executive general manager Membership & Community Stacey Pennicott said the app’s introduction would allow motorists to find the cheapest fuel in all parts of the state, day or night, at no cost.

“Consumers will be able to make an informed purchasing decision, and at the same time reward retailers that discount prices promoting greater price competition,” she said.

“Motorists can plan their trips accordingly to locate and purchase cheaper fuel.”

Checking the app on the day of publication revealed locations in Tasmania where petrol was available at a cheaper price.

Prices ranged from 139.7 cents per litre in Clarence Street to 146.0 cents per litre on Howrah Road.

The distance between these outlets would be under two – kilometres.

The app also revealed two retail outlets in Hobart selling petrol for 145.9 cents per litre.

In the city of Launceston, prices range from 137.9 cents per litre to 141.9 cents per litre.

On the north west coast, prices vary from 131.9 cents per litre in Burnie to 136.2 cents per litre in Ulverstone to 139.9 cents per litre in Devonport.

GasBuddy country manager Nic Moulis said motorists downloading the free app and submitting or confirming prices would be helping to support each other save money when buying fuel across Tasmania.

“Since 2000, GasBuddy has been a pioneer in crowdsourced information and has motivated a passionate community of more than 60 million users to find cheap fuel,” he said.

“GasBuddy is built for the road ahead. It is now time for every Tasmanian to download a whole new way of saving on fuel.”

The Tasmanian Government provided a one-off $60,000 grant for GasBuddy to work with the RACT on its fuel pricing app for a Tasmanian context.

Caption: RACT executive general manager Membership & Community Stacey Pennicott, GasBuddy country manager Nic Moulis, GasBuddy user Meredith Farrer and one-year-old Jimmy at the official launch of the GasBuddy app in Tasmania.

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