From humble beginnings

STARTING from humble beginnings as a tiny school from kinder to year 10, Southern Christian College (SCC) has grown steadily over the past 13 years.

And SCC principal Alan Lawson said it was all down to the school’s small but committed community which had helped it grow and thrive.

“We are focused on children and on families – on how children best learn and how parents and school can best work together to that end,” he said.

“We celebrate great parenting with all its joys and challenges.

“When we can partner with parents in the task of their child’s learning – this being a central focus of our college – it is in that cooperative relationships where we do our best work.

“It is our love and commitment to children that motivates us, reflecting Christ’s love for us.”

Mr Lawson said one of the college’s core beliefs was that for children of all ages, feeling safe and happy at school and home, as well as in their peer and teacher relationships, was the necessary foundation for successful growth as a learner and participant in community life.

“All our staff are keenly attuned to this need and we work diligently to ensure that the quality of relationships at school and between school and home is always being maintained and enhanced,” he said.

SCC adopts the use of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which engages all students from pre-kinder to years 11 and 12.

Taught from a Christian perspective, Mr Lawson said IB was a very powerful learning program.

“The IB years 11 and 12 Diploma Program (DP) is highly regarded by leading universities around the world, including our own University of Tasmania,” he said.

Close working relationships are a hallmark of the DP program which features small classes; subject expertise developed in the student over two years of study; each student having access to their own personal tutor for the duration of the program, and; exciting pastoral, leadership, outdoor education and service elements.

“Our 2019 year 12 students have just received their IB results and we couldn’t be happier for them,” Mr Lawson said.

“The reputable IB Diploma Certificate is definitely worth the effort.

“Most students around Australia who enter the DP haven’t experienced IB learning leading up to this, so whatever the prior educational experience, SCC is happy to welcome aspiring and committed students entering year 11 in 2020 to our DP.”

SCC runs a daily morning and afternoon private bus service to Rosny Park.

Caption: Southern Christian College students, from left, Maricha Cilliers (year four), Rachael Davis (year five) and Jotham Kong (year four).

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