Five years of helping you achieve your health goals

By Belinda Jefferies

Practice Director, Back In Motion Rosny Park


FIVE years ago, Back In Motion Rosny Park opened its doors for the first time.

Our first few months were made more challenging for Back In Motion practice director Evan and his wife Tegan, as they also welcomed their first son during the first week of opening.

The business has grown and changed a lot with a team of eight physios and four in the frontline team taking care of more than 8000 clients from our local area.

This has got to be our biggest highlight; helping clients reduce their pain, improve their functionality and hopefully start down the path of achieving lifelong optimal health – the vision of our health group.

When I consider what our other highlights have been, I probably can’t look past winning ‘Practice of the Year’ in 2017, which was a huge win for the whole team.

Thank you to our wonderful loyal clients – we couldn’t do this without your love and trust.

As part of our celebrations, we have asked some to tell us why they continue to support us as we support them in achieving their health goals.

“Why do I keep turning up to the class?” Pene asked.

“I have learnt and continue to learn so much about how I should be moving, what muscles to use for certain tasks, and how to improve my balance, which is so important as I get older, as well as increase my stamina.

“However, none of the results could have been achieved without being urged to ‘hang in there, only twenty seconds to go’ by the physiotherapist taking the class.

“On my own, I know I will not exercise regularly or push myself and I would not achieve the benefits that result from attending one class a week.”

Breanna, who has been coming to the practice for more than two years with a complicated health history, mentioned the “incredibly friendly staff that truly care about you.”

Rachel said her experiences had been nothing but 110 per cent.

“My highlights of coming to each appointment is that I feel amazing after every single appointment,” she said.

Mark said he loved the practice philosophy.

“Getting you back to what you want to do is extremely supportive,” he said.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has helped along the way – look out 2020.

Back In Motion Rosny Park is looking forward to it.

Caption: The Back in Motion Rosny Park team celebrate five years of operation.

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