Five steps to a successful detox diet

By Jo Cordell-Cooper*

IF you overindulged over the festive period, you may be interested in completing a “detox” diet.

Although detox diets are a little controversial – as they often include supplements and added fibre, they can be a way to get back in balance.

If you follow a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables you should not actually need supplements or fibre, and I suggest that if you are thinking of a detox with expensive supplements you check with a health professional first.

If not, you might end up with very bright urine – a sure sign you are excreting, rather than absorbing, the supplements.

There are, however, benefits to detoxing. On this note, let’s consider how we can make a detox diet as successful as possible.


What is a detox diet?

A detox diet generally means that you consume only fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies for a set period, ranging from two days to three weeks.

I highly recommend a food-based detox that is short in duration (three to five days).


What does a successful detox claim to do?

Often, we hear that detox diets will remove toxins from the body.

Ideally, any detox should eliminate the “liver loaders” – caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, reduce salt and added sugar – and promote a return to simpler, less processed foods and beverages.

Detoxes also claim to ease digestion – you should not be constipated when you eat plenty of fibre (plant-based food) and drink water and herbal tea. If you are, seek medical advice.

Using a detox diet does not replace a sensible diet, but it can be used as a stepping stone away from a highly processed diet and back to balanced eating.

Listed below are my top five tips to help you succeed with your detox diet.

Elect the detox diet of your choice about two weeks before you are ready to start it.

Explore all the recipes. For instance, do you like the recommended food? If not, perhaps choose another eating plan.

Eliminate caffeine, alcohol and added sugar a week before you start.

Create a shopping list a few days before you start.

Set aside a dedicated afternoon to prepare any meals in advance.

There is nothing magical about a detox diet, but by eliminating some of the digestive irritants like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, salt and processed food you will be well on the way to a sustainable healthy eating plan.

If you would like to learn more about what happens in your body when you detox visit my blog via www.activesolutionsandhealthnetwork.com.au/detox-diet/ or phone me to discuss your options on 0409 862 206.

*Jo Cordell-Cooper owns and operates the award-winning business Active Solutions and Health Network that specialises in women’s fitness at all ages and stages.

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