Families come first at Banjo’s at Easter

EASTER excitement is building on the Eastern Shore, with Banjo’s bakeries rolling their ever-popular hot cross buns out to their local communities.

“Banjo’s helps build the excitement around Easter, and our hot cross buns are a reminder that it isn’t far away,” Rosny Banjo’s owner Robbie Iles said.

“Having chocolate flavours gets the young ones involved, and the fruit buns are loved by everyone.

“In the school holidays, you’ve got nan with the traditional fruit and the grandkids with the double choc Nutella hot cross bun.

“And you can’t beat a traditional hot cross bun with nice juicy fruit and a bit of butter.”

Easter is a time for family – something that each Banjo’s store owner on the Eastern Shore holds dear.

Jeremy Buckland from Banjo’s Shoreline said each store is also very involved in their local community, proudly supporting local events, groups and clubs.

“Banjos Bakeries on the Eastern Shore are all owned by local families,” Mr Buckland said.

“Each store owner lives in their local area, has their kids going to the local school, and we are all actively involved in the local community.”

Mr. Buckland said the people, the environment and the products have kept him at Banjo’s for more than a decade.

“Banjo’s is such a Tassie icon, and it’s always a conversation starter when you say you work at Banjo’s,” he said.

Banjo’s have the Eastern Shore covered with stores at Sorell, Lindisfarne, Howrah and Rosny.

“A lot of the customers feel that they’re part of our store and that they really have a sense of belonging in their local Banjo’s,” Ben Westwood from Banjo’s Lindisfarne said.

“The feedback we hear is that they love being served by our friendly staff and knowing it’s going to be the same product and service right across the Eastern Shore stores,” Banjo’s Sorell manager Tiana Haines said.

“Our front-of-house staff are fantastic, friendly, easy-going and engage with their customers with more than just a coffee and a smile.”

Banjo’s hot cross buns are now available across all its bakeries, with the range including traditional fruit, gourmet (extra fruit and extra spice), double choc, and double choc hazelnut.

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