Exhibition tells the stories of Black Tuesday through the eyes of the community

AN exhibition sharing the stories of those who lived through the Black Tuesday bushfires in 1967 has opened at Rosny Farm.

The “What Would You Take?” exhibition is a collaborative effort to commemorate the upcoming 50-year anniversary of the disaster on 7 February 2017.

To mark the anniversary, Clarence City Council invited the community to contribute their stories, either of what precious objects they rescued from the flames or what they would take if a catastrophic bushfire were to occur today.

Their choices range from the ordinary to the precious, each linked by an intriguing story of why the object has special significance to them.

Along with the stories and objects, photographs and footage will be on show to illustrate the devastating impact the fires had on the local area.

“Everyone in Tasmania has been touched in some way from the devastation of the 1967 bushfires,” Clarence Mayor Doug Chipman said.

“Fires ravaged through southern Tasmania and the city of Clarence was no exception.”

One of the contributors to the exhibition is Wayne Smith who found his grandfather’s First World War service medal while combing through the ashes of his mother’s house.

Only recently Wayne was reunited with another precious object – his father’s Second World War service medal.

The Lauderdale resident said that if a similar bushfire were to occur today, and assuming his wife and dog were safe, his father’s medals would be the first things he would take.

What Would You Take? is on show at the Schoolhouse Gallery at Rosny Farm until 12 February 2017.

The exhibition has been made possible through a grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund.

Caption: From left, retired firefighter Bill Burke, who helped fight the 1967 bushfires, and Roger Ibbott, the resident of a family farm affected by the disaster, shared their stories to help form the “What Would You Take?” exhibition commemorating the 1967 bushfires at Rosny Farm.

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