Eastern Shore’s rich advertising history

BELLERIVE historian and author John Sargent has officially unveiled his latest book – ‘Tales of Sales’ – which examines advertising in Bellerive, Lindisfarne and Hobart dating back to the 1920s.

“Through the advertisements reproduced in the book, you can get a sense of the cultural and social history of the Eastern Shore suburbs,” he said.

As he notes in his book: “Various forms of advertising have been around for thousands of years.

“In the 18th century, illustrations began to appear and advertising agents, as they became known, started writing and illustrating advertisements.”

Mr Sargent’s collection features some “amazing and historically significant advertising material from past decades.”

“The ‘collection’ provides an opportunity to view the nature of our society in those eras and are important documented records of days gone by,” he said.

Mr Sargent’s book features content about advertising history, technology improvements, human emotions, shopfronts, window dressings, ticket writing, business cards and postcards.

The managing director of Corporate Communications, publishers of the Eastern Shore Sun, Nicolas Turner, spoke at the book launch.

“Successful advertising creates positive memories and feelings that influence behaviour over time,” Mr Turner said.

“I am pretty confident that after turning through the pages of John’s book, there will be positive memories galore as we look back on successful ads from ‘back in the day’.

“And not much has really changed – while we may have modernised the look and feel of the ads, the messages are largely the same.”

Mr Sargent, the patron of the Bellerive Historical Society, is a long-term resident of Bellerive who is a keen advocate of history in schools and the broader community.

Copies of his latest book are available from the author (0419 572 958) or at the Bellerive Newsagency in Cambridge Road.

The book features more than 300 advertisements of historical interest and 150 advertisements from the Eastern Shore, covering the 1920 Bellerive and Lindisfarne Regatta to the Tasman Bridge disaster.

Caption: Bellerive historian and author John Sargent with a copy of his latest book, ‘Tales of Sales.’

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