Eastern Shore doctors urge people to visit their GP

WHILE Coronavirus is constantly in the news and the social distancing measures, isolation, and restrictions on gathering have changed our way life, we need to remember that continuing to maintain and manage our health is critical.

Waiting for things to get better and for the pandemic restrictions to ease may negatively impact on your health.

This may be especially the case if you have a chronic disease that is normally actively managed, a new concern that requires further investigation, or you are struggling with a mental health issue, such as anxiety or depression.

Eastern Shore Doctors urges you to reach out to your General Practitioner.

It doesn’t matter whether you are younger or older, have routine appointments or if this is your first appointment for some time.

Maintaining the ongoing relationship with your GP is one way to check in, access their expert knowledge and ensure that changes in your health status are identified and you receive the necessary treatment or support.

Your GP can provide consultations over the phone, via a video call or in person.

When you contact the practice, we will ask you questions in relation to your Coronavirus risk and your GP will advise of what type of consultation will be most appropriate for you and your condition.

If you do need to come to the practice, we have measures in place to protect the safety of yourself and others.

This year, it is more important than ever to receive your flu vaccination – if you are 65 years and over this will be the new quadrivalent vaccine Fluad Quad®.

Also, remember that routine screening such as cervical screening (pap smears), scheduled vaccinations and your usual appointments with your GP are still necessary and important to keep.

Please do not delay getting advice from your GP.

Your GP is here to help and to support you through the current environment and beyond.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss scheduling an appointment with your GP, please phone Eastern Shore Doctors on 6282 1333.


Hobart Skin Cancer Clinic

HOBART Skin Cancer Clinic is now undertaking skin cancer screening for patients who have concerns about their skin.

The Doctors at the Hobart Skin Cancer Clinic are skilled in the detection and treatment of skin cancers, and can also provide expert advice on skin cancer prevention.

It is important to your ongoing health to ensure that you follow up on regular skin screening or new spot concerns so that timely advice, treatment and management can be provided.

Please do not hesitate to phone us on 6245 0861 and speak to our friendly reception staff to make a booking.

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