Do your dentures give you the lip support you need?

By Frank Nyhuis

Tas Denture Studios


WHEN a patient walks through the door for the first time needing a new set of dentures, one of the first things we do as dental prosthetists at Tas Denture Studios is to sit down and have a chat.

This is to see what it is that our patients expect from their dentures or what their concerns are from their previous experiences.

After an initial consultation, we do a complete analysis of the tissues and gums that we will be using to help support these new teeth.

Measurements are taken to see where the lip support should be, along with the size and colour of the teeth we will use.

We then explain in detail what we can offer them and what their expectations can be with their new dentures.

Our patients undertake a series of facial expressions and movements during our impression taking technique.

This gives us the foundations we need to enable the dentures to sit and be stable in the mouth during day-to-day activities, as nobody wants to have their teeth flying out at those they are talking to.

One of the many things we aim to improve is our patient’s lip support.

The lips should come together gently and naturally.

When the lips are relaxed and slightly apart you should be able to see only the tips of the front teeth. When a patient’s gums, bone and denture teeth have worn or changed over time, the lips can give the appearance of shrinking away and looking flat.

This can create extra lines and creases around the mouth, which may contribute to an ageing appearance.

At Tas Denture Studios, our philosophy is “Quality Without Compromise.”

With the use of premium denture teeth, materials and the latest techniques, we offer our patients the ability to have custom dentures that not only look natural, but function as they should while still providing support to the lips and other facial features.

Tas Denture Studios is located in Hobart, Blackmans Bay and Margate.

For more information, phone 6221 9222.

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