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EXCITING learning opportunities were in abundance for Howrah Primary School’s grade five students recently when they participated in the Young Tassie Scientists (YTS) program as part of National Science Week.

The YTS program fosters a passion for science in primary students to encourage them to consider the sciences as a career choice.

Howrah Primary School grade five teacher Tom Watt, who organised the experience, said the program offered students a glimpse into the world of working in the science and STEM-based industries.

“The grade five students were inspired by the snapshots the YTS scientists shared and it provided a definite link between what goes on in the classroom and how that could lead to a career as a scientist,” he said.

“The YTS program is a really engaging view into the working life of scientists across a range of fields.”

The scientists visiting the schools were neurologists Saranya Costa and Catherine Foster, who are both former Howrah Primary School students, and entomologist Shasta Henry.

Grade five students Leah Cook, Liam Castle and Riley Johnstone all shared their learning experience with enthusiasm.

“In Shasta’s session, we were able to learn how to classify bugs, beetles and arachnids – we did sorting activities and played games,” Liam said.

Saraya Costa presented a session to the students on the brain.

“We learned about our memory and the different types of memories we have,” Riley said.

“We also had to play a game that tested our short term memories.”

Leah shared how Catherine Foster explained her job as an neurologist, which involved looking at the illnesses and injuries that affect the brain and how they affect people.

“We also did a fun experiment that showed us the reaction created when you put a mentos in Coke,” she said.

In addition to the YTS program, Mr Watt’s students also visited Clarence High School to participate in a science lesson with Clarence High teacher Belinda Young.

Caption: A presentation from neurologist Catherine Foster at Clarence High School were just some of the activities Howrah Primary School students participated in for National Science Week.

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