Cute recruits set to sniff out crime

Three new police dogs are sniffing out crime on Tasmania’s streets.

Police dogs Tala, Omara and Omega recently joined Tasmania Police’s Dog Handlers Unit and are already doing important work in the community.

“Alongside their police handlers, our new police dogs will screen mail, baggage, people, vehicles, buildings and freight for the scent of illicit drugs,” Police, Fire, and Emergency Management Minister Felix Ellis said.

“Our police dogs provide invaluable assistance to Tasmania Police to uncover and prosecute criminals and to keep dangerous drugs out of our community.”

The three new dogs have come from the Australian Border Force in Victoria and have undergone 10 weeks of training at the Tasmanian Police Academy.

The 18-month-old Labradors have replaced three police dogs that retired in April.

The retired dogs conducted more than 2,800 warrant-initiated drug searches and detected more than $45 million worth of drugs across the state during their careers, earning them a long, happy retirement.

Tala, Omara and Omega are expected to be just as successful as their predecessors and are currently stationed across Tasmania.

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