Crocs’ community culture

The Clarence Crocs water polo club has represented the Eastern Shore since 1964 and continues to do so, helping members of all ages participate in the fast-paced sport.

“Our youngest members are about 10, and our oldest player is 57,” club treasurer and board member Sophie Jacobson said.

“So, a very broad range of ages involved. All up we have about 12 teams for all the age groups.

“We have about 100 members, so a lot of teams.”

The club has members from across the Eastern Shore and encourages people from the further regions to get involved with the club.

“Most of our members come from Howrah and Bellerive, but we have people coming from Sorell, Clifton Beach, Sandford, South Arm,” Crocs secretary Kylie Polanowski-Burne said.

“It’s a big area and we want everyone on the Eastern Shore to know they are welcome here.”

The club has a strong sense of community, with many long- standing members still with the group. The younger players also love the community the club has built.

“I think Clarence is very different to the other clubs, there is a real sense of community and

everyone gets along really well,” 16-year-old player Hannah said.

The club also has a wide range of coaches, many of whom played at a high level before moving into coaching.

“We have an amazing group of coaches – they have about 100 combined years of coaching experience between them,” Kylie said.

The Clarence Crocs encourage people of all ages to come and join the club.

“Even those older people who maybe used to play are welcome here, kids as well. Everyone is welcome,” Sophie said.

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