Community pushes for open space

THE Mornington community has rallied together to raise support for an open space in the area for community members and young families to gather and play during Summer.

Simon Walker moved TO Mornington in 2016 and has since seen another three subdivisions with 60 new houses be created with no new open spaces.

Mr Walker said the area had grown, but there had been a lack of attention and funding on establishing public places for people to use.

“There’s a lot of young families and medium income earners that we’ve seen here and there should be an open space for these people to be able to play in,” he said.

“An open space and park is needed to entice families during Summer and provide a safe place where families can meet and gather and sometimes share a coffee from a coffee van or wood fired pizza.

“The area is also in need of a local shop at the Pass Road end of Cambridge Road, which would service ongoing residents and motorists heading home to Glebe Hill Estate or Mount Rumney.”

Mr Walker said there was also a need for a park to reduce the danger in the area, with there being a lot of young children that played with their bikes and kicked the football on the road.

“The concern is the number of cars which will be driving through, and kids will be in danger of being hit or knocked off their bikes,” he said

“There’s currently a park in Currajong Street near MacKillop College, but it isn’t safe, with there being no fencing or equipment that is suitable for families within the area.”

Mr Walker said he and fellow resident James Klousia had met with Alderman Brendan Blomley and Alderman Luke Edmunds to discuss the establishment of a new space, but wanted to continue raising awareness within the community.

“The Clarence City Council currently own a parcel of land within the area, but acknowledge it is inappropriate for the project, so they were going to work with developers to find an appropriate spot going forward,” he said.

“In talking with families, I’ve seen they are all in support.

“We are just driving with a voice so we can be heard and get something in place so our families, kids and neighbours can all enjoy what is a great community to live in.”

To continue raising support for an open public space in Mornington, a Facebook group called Mornington 7018 Community Group has been created for people to join and sign the online petition.

Caption: Mornington resident Simon Walker, pictured with daughter Matilda, is raising support for an open space in the area for young families to gather and play.

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