Choosing the right agent

By Paul Reed
PRD Nationwide Hobart

LAST month we talked about location and street appeal, so this month I will touch on highlighting the best features of your home and how to pick the right agent.

Step four – your home’s best features

There are benefits to a second opinion. Ask your agent and friends for suggestions on how to spruce up your home.
Work out what are the unique selling points and how to further enhance them.
Set the scene. Buyers often try to envision what their lives would be like in a house. Think about what makes it homely and welcoming. For example, place comfortable outdoor furniture chairs on the balcony with a view and having cushions always adds colour to the space.
When entering the home, fresh coffee is always a nice welcome and we love cakes. Background music also works well and is a nice touch.
Depersonalise your home to ensure it appeals to the largest possible audience. Not everyone will have the same taste as you. Less of “you” in your home gives potential buyers a chance to visualise themselves living there.
Vacate your home when it is being shown to prospective buyers.
Consider using staging, especially if the home is empty, to enhance its appeal and create warmth.

Step five – choosing the right agent

You need to be confident that your agent will secure the best possible price for your home and isn’t just in it for a cheap, quick sale.
When choosing an agent, keep the following things in mind:

Be up to speed with what’s selling in your area – as your local agent, I can assist you with this.
Get out there and act like a buyer and visit properties for sale in your area to get a sense of your property’s value.
Make a short list of potential agents in your area by talking to friends.
Visit any openings run by the agent to see how they conduct themselves and what follow up there is.
Interview with at least two or three agents.
Ask a lot of questions like whether they have a good understanding of the area and market conditions.
Look at the individual and not necessarily at their brand.
Ensure you feel comfortable with an agent and that there’s a good rapport. Selling your greatest asset successfully will require a partnership between the two of you and you need to feel that you can work together as a team.
Commission fees are always a great source of pain for sellers. But, it’s simple – you pay for what you get. If an agent drops their commission too quickly or if they’re not good at negotiating well at the start, how are they going to negotiate with potential buyers?

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