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ASK any dog owner what their dog’s favourite thing in the world is and you will likely sense an underlying theme – adventure.

It is the reason why CleverPawz is now offering a Canine Adventure Course for dog-owners seeking a fun and exciting activity for their “fur kids”.

Developed by certified professional dog trainer and delta accredited behavioural trainer Laura Ryder, the Canine Adventure Course is a non-competitive dog sport that focuses on having fun and encouraging play between dog and owner.

The course consists of a variety of novel obstacles that the dog and owner negotiate and complete together, including hay bales, agility equipment, splash pools, mazes, tyres and logs.

Nose Work Tasmanian practitioner and CleverPawz professional dog trainer Vicki Cleaver said that any competitive pressures were quickly removed by not keeping score.

Ms Cleaver said dogs and their owners could relax and enjoy the course at their own pace.

“This makes the course accessible for dogs of all training levels and ability, as well as promotes the course to a vast range of people from the dog-owning community,” she said.

“From dog owners who proactively seek out activities to those who have done minimal training, the Canine Adventure Course is a wonderful opportunity to engage, encourage and excite dog owners to interact and enjoy training their dogs through play.”

Ms Cleaver said the course was completed on lead, allowing for the inclusion of all dogs.

“Plenty of rewards, praise and encouragement from their owners gives each dog confidence, builds on trust and teamwork and ultimately leads to a fabulously fun and exciting time for all,” she said.

“As the event concludes, there is no first prize, no time kept and no scores tallied, so no competitive pressure.

“From the tiniest chihuahua to the greatest of great danes, all participants go home as winners, working and playing as a team with their owner and enjoying the fun of the Canine Adventure Course.”

CleverPawz welcomes all dogs that love having fun.

For more information about the Canine Adventure Course or to register for the “Adventure Fun Holiday Sessions”, email vicki@cleverpawz.com.au, phone 0400 089 867 or visit www.cleverpawz.com.au.

Caption: The Canine Adventure Course is designed to engage, encourage and excite dog owners to interact and enjoy training their pooches through play.

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