Bellerive volunteers help to turn the tide on litter

A small group of volunteers braved the blustery conditions during a Sunday afternoon in March to clean up litter around the heavily used western end of Bellerive Beach.

The collective effort was run as part of Clean Up Australia Day and the group plans to attract more volunteers for regular events in the future.

“We had roughly 15 people sign up on the website but understandably there were a few cancellations due to the weather,” organiser Bridgette Watts said.

“There is often a sizeable amount of rubbish build up around the beach especially near the bluff due to its proximity to Blundstone Arena and neighbouring public park.

“Although our small team did an amazing job there is still a lot of rubbish left. We will be running another clean-up day on 24 March and all are welcome to roll up their sleeves for a good cause.

“We were grateful to have Clarence Councillor Daniel Hulme join us on Clean Up day. It’s nice to see council members taking a direct interest in keeping our public spaces clean.”

The next clean up event on 24 March will be promoted through the public Bellerive Community Facebook Group.

Clean Up Australia Day is an annual event which inspires and mobilises communities to improve and conserve the environment, eliminate litter and end waste.

For more information visit www.cleanup.org.au

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About the Author: Simon Andrews

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