Bellerive Primary School makes its mark at UTAS Science and Engineering Awards

BELLERIVE Primary School students have raised the bar at this year’s University of Tasmania Science and Engineering Investigation Awards.

Year six students Jasper Gye and Amelia Wiggins presented projects dedicated to helping others around them live a more environmentally-friendly and efficient lifestyle.

Jasper used his project to discover which laundry detergent worked best at removing stains from fabric.

“My mum is a bit of a clean freak, and it was a way to work out which laundry detergent would be best and most efficient for her to use,” he said.

“My mum has spent lots of money washing clothes because I usually come home from school dirty.

“It was a good way to experiment how we could save money at home, because everything is getting expensive these days.”

To conduct his experiment, Jasper used a low-priced, medium-priced and expensive laundry detergents.

“I used the Coles-branded detergent, Earth Choice detergent and Dynamo detergent for my experiment,” he said.

“My hypothesis was that the most expensive brand was going to work the best, seeing as if you’re paying a higher price it should be better at removing stains.”

Jasper also tested other stain variables, including tomato sauce and vegemite, with each laundry detergent.

“The Dynamo did work the best, but not by an overwhelming amount,” he said.

“In the short-term of this experiment, the stains only had a less faint appearance after the wash.”

Jasper said if he was to conduct the experiment again he would use a longer soak time to see if the stains could be completely removed.

Jasper’s experiment helped his mum figure out which laundry detergent was most effective for their household.

Amelia used her project to try and find a more environmentally-friendly alterative for artists to use when they paint.

She has successfully managed to use plants to create paint.

“I wanted to discover if I could make paint from natural plant pigments, like vegetables,” Amelia said.

To conduct her experiment, Amelia boiled her chosen plants and vegetables with one cup of hot water and watched the water change into different colours.

Amelia mixed the coloured water with corn flour to give the paint more texture and substance.

“I had a suspicion that my experiment would work because in our history all paint pigments came from plants and animals,” she said.

“I tested my paint on paper and over black marker, so I could get more results and see whether my paint was effective.”

Science is Amelia’s favourite subject, and she wants to pursue a career in the industry if she can.

“I’m excited to have been able to do all this and be able to have made paint is really enjoyable,” she said.

“It was a great experience and opportunity to be here today to share my own and see others science skills in action.”

Caption: Jasper Gye, of Bellerive Primary School, has conducted a science enquiry into which laundry detergent works best at removing stains from fabric.

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