Barefoot bowlers roll into action

CREMORNE Bowls and Community Club’s ‘Barefoot Bowls’ is proving to be an enjoyable social and competitive pathway for bowlers at all levels – a fact that is well-known for club member Ian Webster.

Since joining Barefoot Bowls, Mr Webster has risen from the ranks to being considered a valued member of Cremorne’s division one team in the Bowls Tasmania South Pennant competition.

“I joined Barefoot Bowls at Cremorne a few years ago with a group of mates as a social outlet,” Mr Webster said.

“Even though it’s not quite as physically demanding as the footy and yachting I’ve done over the past 20 years or so, I still get a good body and mind workout from a game of pennant.”

Following the club’s successful division promotions for the 2014/15 season pennant roster, experienced and beginner players have now chosen to join the club.

Some of these include Neil Winthrop, Peter Downie, Steve Lanning, Chris Medcraft, Evan Beach, Andrew Hopwood and Heather Banks.

Mr Webster said coaching and skill development was a top priority at the club.

“Ever since I started in Barefoot, and now in pennant, I’ve received good advice and coaching,” he said.

“This comes from experienced players such as Leigh Munnings, Geoff Doyle and Neil Winthrop, who has included some great ideas to keep practice challenging and interesting.”

The 2015/16 season roster is now underway following the official launch by Rumney MLC Tony Mulder.

For more information, visit www.cremorne.bowls.com.au

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