A tale of wagging tails

By Nancy Tunbridge

Geilston Bay


TWO little dogs found as strays, rather scruff, needing a bath and loving homes – who could have possible recognised they were “high born”, one might say?

Pure-bred Border Terriers; they were next door to one another in the kennels at The Dogs Home and they were up for adoption.

My name is Nancy and the female came home with me and the male went home with James – this is the short tale of them meeting up again seven months later.

I had often wondered about the other little dog, hoping that he had gone to a loving home too.

I wondered also about how close those two dogs may have become before being found, but there was certainly no way of knowing that.

Then, over the following months, from three different sources I heard of him through the dog grapevine – oh yes, there is one. Isn’t that reassuring?

And as so often can happen in Tasmania, someone knew someone who knew someone.

I received a phone call from Janet, who said, “you don’t know me, but we often mind our son’s Border Terrier and wondered if we could meet up at the park with the two dogs?”

I was delighted. And so, we did.

And those two little dogs met again.

Over the past few months they had both shown real timidity towards other dogs, my little girl had certainly made that very clear.

So, when they met, we expected them to behave in the manner of, “please leave me alone.”

They cautiously checked one another and to our surprise and utter joy, they took off.

They ran races and tumbled with each other, they chased each other around trees, touched one another as much as possible.

And I swear they were laughing – and I rarely swear.

By the way, their names are Julia and Charlie, which are not their pre-adoptive names.

They are both dearly loved and whenever we are able to arrange it, there are play dates in the park.

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